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Welcome to my blog! My topics will vary, but they will be heavily weighted to local government in general and Collin County in particular. Since many blogs may sound like I am running for some kind of office, I feel compelled to make this statement. I would never run for office. In fact, I do not want anything from any local officials other than good government and good services for the taxes and fees I pay. I want real transparency, and that means much more than just saying those words or having documents posted on the Web. I am for open discussion in the public forum that allows us to see how decisions are made, and that includes the strictest adherence to minimal closed sessions. Beyond the news media, we the public should be insisting that the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How questions are answered as part of open government without having to ask. Thanks for reading! Lewis

10/11/2019 Thanks for Throwing McKinney Under the Bus, Shemwell! Now Resign!

09/02/2019 Grateful to Have a Job.

08/31/2019 The Professional Tea Party Distortionists Keep on Distorting!

08/25/2019 The Tea Party Distortionists & An Invitation to Same.

08/12/2019 The Whack-a-Mole Citizen.

08/10/2019 Putting Opioids into Perspective.

05/20/2019 Why Should I Apologize for Serving Citizens’ Needs & Desires?

05/05/2019 The Missing Link in Council Prayers.

04/21/2019 The Looks on Their Faces; The Thoughts in Their Heads; The Jubiliation in Their Hearts!

04/19/2019 Why Don’t Governments Invest in R&D?

04/18/2019 Who Owns Your Population Data?

04/15/2019 What is Home Value Needed to “Breakeven in Your City?

03/31/2019 Understanding the Cost of An Employee.

03/30/2019 Do You Watch Oil & Gas Data? You Should.

03/29/2019 Another Perspective on Infrastructure.

03/28/2019 Getting Taxed Out of Your Home? Prove it!

03/25/2019 What Does a Recession Mean to Texas?

03/23/2019 Federal Deficits and Debt – What, Me Worry?

09/30/2018 A Huge Local Government Expense Not Being Disclosed.

09/29/2018 Job Needed: Information Ombudsperson.

06/24/2018 The McKinney Elephant NOT in the Room.

06/02/2018 Why Do We Wait for Animal Control to Reach a Crisis Before We act?

05/31/2018 Stadiums Cracks, Forensic Investigation and Bureaucratic Sedation at McKinney ISD.

05/27/2018 Assertions, Exaggerations and Anecdotal Evidence.

05/20/2018 The Best Option for Councilman Shemwell.

05/16/2018 Will the Real Councilman Shemwell, Please Resign!

04/15/2018 Is It Time to Reconsider the GFOA Awards & Transparency Awards?

10/02/2017 Reflecting On the Days of New York Bond Rating Trips

08/20/2017 Go All-In … Dwell … Just For One Hour

08/03/2017 Should McKinney Refund $29,770,931 to Taxpayers from Excessive Taxation? You Make the Call!

07/07/2017 How Do I Feel About Growing Old With You?

07/04/2017 A Few Governance Wishes on July 4th

07/01/2017 When Conservatism Stinks

06/25/2017 Dear Class Bully … I Need To Tell You Something

06/24/2017 The Next Improvement Step in McKinney Governance

06/22/2017 I Got My Answer On The McKinney MUDs

06/21/2017 La’Shandion Shemwell: A Story of Redemption

05/07/2017 McKinney Underground Suffers a Setback, and a New Future Opens

05/02/2017 Collin County Tax Base is Robust … And Will Put Pressure on Officials to Lower Tax Rates

04/29/2017 McKinney Police & Fire Unions Have No Business Being Involved in Political Influence Peddling

04/25/2017 Thank you for taking care of us!

04/18/2017 Is McKinney Sandbagging Revenue Estimates?

04/17/2017 Distractions.

11/11/2016 How Much Do I Love Thee, Council-Manager Form of Government? Let Me Count the Ways.

10/20/2016 Why Search for Restaurant Ruse When You’ve Seen This?

10/19/2016 A Code of Ethics & Conduct McKinney Citizens Should Push To See Happen Now!

10/19/2016 Captain Obvious To The Country of Oblivious: The Math Won’t Compute Forever

10/16/2016 Looking at Accounting Fundamentals for a Company Called CopSync

10/04/2016 Are We Living Out “The Abilene Paradox Story” In McKinney?

10/01/2016 Are We Chasing Our Re-Tails Too Much?

09/17/2016 Is Texas Charging A Hidden Tax To Local Governments & Citizens?

09/05/2016 Blessing Pay to Play in the City of McKinney

08/26/2016 A Complaint to the District Attorney and Texas Ethics Commission Regarding Certain McKinney Council Members

08/20/2016 McKinney City Council, Let’s Be Adults About Conflicts of Interest

08/18/2016 Welcome To McKinney’s Restaurant Ruse

07/26/2016 An Open Records Request To Confirm An Illegal Walking Quorum In McKinney

07/16/2016 Approved As To Form But Not Legality.

06/19/2016 Who Is Monitoring McKinney Municipal Utility Districts?

06/12/2016 The Ultimate Transparency Model: The Teaching Government.

05/30/2016 We Can Learn From Comparative Data.

05/29/2016 Understanding Overlapping Numbers – Like Debt & Tax Rates.

05/28/2016 City of McKinney Makes Quantum Leap in True Transparency.

05/20/2016 Heaping Praise & Sending Insults Simultaneously.

05/17/2016 Sometimes The Process Starts With NO!

05/15/2016 Improper Student-Teacher Relationships Are Happening Right Now.

05/14/2016 Texas Local Government Sales Taxes Are Flat.

05/06/2016 More Proof That McKinney ISD Is Less Than Transparent.

05/05/2016 McKinney ISD Physical Assets Are Depreciating $44,109 Every Single Day.

05/05/2016 McKinney ISD is Hoarding Money Big Time.

04/29/2016 How Many People Can Fit On A Bus at McKinney ISD?

04/27/2016 Will The Real Population Numbers Please Stand Up!

04/26/2016 Is Your Capital Project Management Headed Toward a Forensic Audit?

04/24/2016 More Mystery at the McKinney ISD Sheep-Board.

04/23/2016 Generations Wanting Choices.

04/22/2016 Another Project for the McKinney Suckers.

04/21/2016 On My Watch.

04/20/2016 Leadership and The Janitor.

04/18/2016 More Intellectual Dishonesty at McKinney ISD.

04/16/2016 The Burglar Bar Issue That Got Overlooked.

04/15/2016 Top Contenders for the Worst Jobs On Earth.

04/14/2016 The Stain of Collin County & The News Story That Hasn’t Happened Yet.

04/13/2016 A Secret McKinney Investment Club Dons Their Hazardous Materials Suits.

04/12/2016 Please, Please Advise AG Ken Paxton To Resign!

04/11/2016 Two Girls & Four Painters.

04/10/2016 In The World, But Not Of It.

04/07/2016 McKinney ISD: You Are Working Hard Not To Be Transparent.

04/06/2016 The Energy & Legacy of Bruce Springsteen.

04/05/2016 McKinney Numbers Not Published Until There Is A Problem.

04/04/2016 Is McKinney A Self-Sufficient Island?

04/03/2016 How To Learn About Local Government in McKinney.

04/02/2016 McKinney: What Are We Getting For A Quarter-Billion Dollars?

04/01/2016 And Other Duties As Assigned.

03/31/2016 Maslow & Municipal Services.

03/30/2016 Somebody is Stealing From You as You Read This.

03/29/2016 McKinney Gateway Project Raises Questions Not Asked By News Media.

03/28/2016 Is Election Fraud Occurring in Addison?

03/27/2016 This Side of Easter.

03/26/2016 Let Your Reach Exceed Your Grasp.

03/25/2016 And Can It Be That I Should Gain.

03/24/2016 Otis Redding Has Returned!

03/23/2016 The Dilemma for Recipients of Public Funds.

03/22/2016 Local Elected Officials Should Receive Long Reach-Back Report Cards.

03/21/2016 McKinney City Council: Raise the Bar & Lower the Boom on Mr. McKinney.

03/20/2016 I’m In Love With An 18-Year-Old Girl

03/19/2016 Concentration & The Zone.

03/18/2016 Who Speaks for This Deceased Child?

03/17/2016 MISD: Give Us The Tax Rate Equivalent!

03/16/2016 Cataracts & Health Tidbits.

03/15/2016 McKinney ISD Is Intellectually Dishonest.

03/14/2016 I Smell a Fraud in Addison … In the Fraud Audit.

03/13/2016 Bruce Springsteen Conducts a Leadership Workshop.

03/12/2016 Thinking About My Bro.

03/11/2016 On Pensions & Promises.

03/10/2016 The Strong Know How to Surrender.

03/09/2016 Rumors, Facts & Standard Setters.

03/08/2016 Dear City Council: Please Move McKinney Money Board Meetings to the Council Chambers & Video Tape Them.

03/07/2016 Lifelong Learning.

03/04/2016 Local Control.

03/03/2016 The GoToPerson.

03/02/2016 Beyond Contentment.

03/01/2016 Grandkids.

02/25/2016 Dear City Council: About Your Request for Input Regarding Our Next City

02/25/2016 Dear City Council – What about those legal fees?

02/25/2016 Understanding Data & That Misleading Word, Transparency.

02/21/2016 Why I Like Reading on Facebook.

02/20/2016 Surely You Aren’t For Growing Government, Are you?

02/14/2016 Announcing My New Blog: “Let’s Talk About It, Lewis!”