The GoToPerson

They are rare. I’m talking about the genuine GoToPerson. I’ve met a few in my career. NCTCOG has one I was fortunate enough to meet and have in my department when I was Director of Administration in 2001-2002. Donna Steward is retiring April 1 as Procurement & Facilities Coordinator. Her title should be Director of Whatever You Need. Donna is the quintessential GoToPerson.

While NCTCOG is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, Donna has been there most of those years.

Due to the dynamic nature of NCTCOG’s services, they have expanded and reconfigured themselves many times. Probably about 50x would be my guess. Donna has been in on them all. When Donna gets called into yet another remodeling need, I don’t think she she says “I’m on it!” But she is. And everybody knows it.

How wonderful to hear and see the action attached to those three wonderful words: I’m on it!

I’m the kind of person who will worry about something unless I’m convinced somebody else is worrying about it for me. People like Donna takes on a task and gets it done. It’s easy to forget how most employees and volunteers are not that way. Some may have spurts of energy and enthusiasm. Some may anticipate and be in motion before they are called. To earn the Donna Steward GoToPerson Award, the one she deserves to have named after her, you’d have to be the GoToPerson for decades.

Oh wait! I’ll bet you have a GoToPerson in your current or past work (or volunteer) life. What makes them tick? They are the true servants by will. By examples they are leaders, standard setters. They posses that intelligence to know how to add value. They act in a capacity where their title doesn’t matter. And, yes, they know they are doing the work of more than one person.

So, have you told your Donna Steward’s you know their value and that the workplace would be quite different without them?


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