Personal Writings

If you are interested in my personal writings, check back regularly. Trying to locate hundreds stashed somewhere. These writings are of a personal nature, as the page heading says, so realize they are written without concern how they will be received to an outside reader. LFM

Who Speaks for this Deceased Child?

Reflections Upon Seeing Miss Saigon.

Writing a Loveletter to your Soon-To-Be High School Senior.

My Friend Lewis Finds Joy.

Do You Know Just How Much You Are Loved?

And The Busman Cried.

Behold This American Cemetery.

In Gratitude for Grandparents.

Loveletter to Allison.

Falling In Love Again – Everyday.

Hot Chocolate Oblivion.

Greyfriar’s Bobby.


Lively, Lovely Lauren.

A Blessing for Blake.