Linda and I are in Belize. We have no plans to get off the cruise ship. We try to cruise twice a year, but the ports don’t matter. The ship could do a big circle in the ocean and return to our Texas port a week later as far as we’re concerned.

This cruise has more young people and young families compared to our last one – the Geriatric Cruise as we refer to it. We love to be around young families. Except when we see kids we really start missing our grandkids. They are 9, 11 and 13. They love to cruise. Kenneth & DeAnne take them as often as they can.

Most of the kids on board are young kids. We really do miss those early years with our grandkids. We live close by so they are a big part of our weekly lives. We cherish those early years. From 6 to 18 months was very special to me.

But now we get to enjoy their humor and intellect. All three are good conversationalists. The two oldest text regularly so we get that added benefit of a surprise message that one of them misses us or is looking forward to an upcoming sleepover.

When our first, Lindsey, was born we could not believe the feelings that overwhelmed us looking at and holding a grandchild. Our own son and daughter-in-law had given us a gift that had us giddy. We were ready!

The part that did surprise us was the depth of love that comes with a grandchild. How could it be that your great love for a child gets multiplied by a huge factor with a grandchild?

All three of our grandkids are very loving. That should not be a surprise given we have smothered them with love since their first day as a newborn. Well before they were conceived actually.

But for them to express their love, say it with meaning and give a genuine hug and kiss before we can say “come here” is a true gift from God.

We know we are blessed beyond description. We talk about something funny they said or a tender moment they gave us for days afterward.

Our grandkids make us care about the future. We want them to be smart but not cynical. For them to know that what appears to be true may not be so. We are teaching them to ask good questions. To seek wisdom and discernment. And to know that the Lord is with them every moment to be their helper.

Life is wonderful as we intertwine our lives with Lindsey, Lily and Anderson.


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