The Stain of Collin County & The News Story That Hasn’t Happened Yet

I am to blame. I selected the straight ticket option that helped put Ken Paxton into office. Never again.

But I’m not the only one to blame.

The Republicans and the Tea Party wing are remaining strangely silent. I can’t find a recent story where either of these parties are encouraging AG Ken Paxton to resign. Even stranger, I can’t find anything showing that either party is still supporting Paxton.

I know. I know. Wait and see. Let the legal system play out.

But here’s the deal. To me this is not a legal issue. In yesterday’s blog, the legal documents do what has to be done for a jury. They reveal the character of Ken Paxton. Discount big chunks of the legal claims and you still have a money-hungry bad guy willing to throw his clients, associates and friends under the bus so he can gain financially.

So would those powerful supporters of Ken Paxton when he ran for the Senate in 2012, and presumably for Attorney General in 2014, still vote for him today? I say “presumably” because the list I once saw on Ken Paxton’s political Web site when he was running for AG seem to have disappeared.

Where is that news story? In a secret ballot, would the people on the lists below give Paxton a thumbs up or down today? Either way, it would be revealing. Not about Paxton. His character has already been revealed. It would reveal a lot about the character of the movers and shakers below.

By the way, I know some of these people in the first list are not in office now. But most still carry some influence. Not all. But most.

If you on the lists are privately lending your support to AG Ken Paxton yet still remaining silent, why aren’t you speaking up? I have the same question if you are privately telling him to resign. However, I can’t help but wonder why Paxton would know you want him to resign and is resisting the call? I think you are hiding. I am guessing it is your silence he is translating into support.

You allowed him to use your name in these political advertisements. Would you let him use your influence today? Do something! Get public one way or another. Silence, in this case, means you’ve got your arms wrapped around this guy, and he has you wrapped around his finger. The Republicans, the Tea Party and Ken Paxton are now the laughing stock of the state. Heck, even the country. And you are, too.

Or maybe you are one of the three mystery investors that seems to have lost $840,000, along with the two that have revealed themselves, and have decided to eat your loss instead of going public to expose Paxton’s misdeeds. And your blind ignorance.

Attention Shallow News Media: here’s your big story! Awake from your slumber. LFM

Mayor and City Council Endorsements

Mayor Steve Terrell
Mayor Pro-Tem Debbie Stout
Council Member Ross Obermeyer
Council Member Gary Caplinger
Council Member Robin Sedlacek
Council Member Joey Herald
Mayor Pro-Tem Laura Maczka
Council Member Mark Solomon
Council Member Scott Dunn
Council Member Steve Mitchell
Council Member Amir Omar
Mayor Pro-Tem Pat Fallon
Council Member Scott Johnson
Council Member Bob Allen
Council Member Jeff Cheney
Council Member John Keating
Council Member Tim Nelson
Mayor Pro-Tem Ron Kasian
Council Member Jim Cunningham
Council Member Carolyn Erickson
Council Member Henry Lessner
Council Member Mary Price
Council Member Darion Culbertson
Mayor Brian Loughmiller
Mayor Pro-Tem Travis Ussery
Council Member Don Day
Council Member Ray Ricchi
Council Member Roger Harris
Council Member David Brooks
Mayor Pro-Tem Z Marshall
Council Member David Leamy
Council Member Scott Levine
Council Member Eleanor Evans
Mayor Bret Baldwin
Council Member John Daugherty
Council Member Bernard Grant
Council Member Dave Brandon
Mayor Rebecca Mark
Mayor Pro-Tem Kathleen Peele
Council Member Wayne Millsap
Council Member Philip Lawrence
Council Member Debbie Fisher
Mayor Mike Felix
Mayor Pro-Tem Charles Smith
Council Member Jared Patterson
Council Member Bill Adams
Mayor Eric Hogue
Mayor Pro-Tem Red Byboth
Council Member David Goss
Council Member Bennie Jones
Council Member Diane Culver

Paxton for Texas State Senate Endorsements
(Partial list at time of printing)


Hon. Bob & Teresa Allen, Frisco
Hon. Jeff & Dana Cheney, Frisco
Hon. Bob & Claude Ann Collins, Farmersville
Hon. Don & Linda Day, McKinney
Hon. Mac Hendricks, McKinney
Hon. Corbett and Sue Howard, Celina
Hon. Joe & Shelley Jaynes, McKinney
Hon. Scott & Julia Johnson, Frisco
Hon. John Keating, Frisco
Bob & Hon. Jodie Laubenberg, Parker
Hon. Brian & Donna Loughmiller, McKinney
Hon. Tim & Candice Nelson, Frisco
Hon. David & Nanci Prince, Frisco
Hon. Keith & Tracy Self, McKinney
Hon. Stan & Carol Sewell, Plano
Hon. Shep & JoeAnn Stahel, Plano
Hon. Steve & Sally Terrell, Allen

Frank & Susan Abbott, Frisco
Gail Abbott, Frisco
Lance & Sarah Abbott, McKinney
Dr. Homer & Cathie Adams, Dallas
Dave & Mary Kaye Adams, Dallas
Mike & Colleen Adams, McKinney
Audi Adkins, Frisco
Sharron Albertson, Plano
Cathie Stanford Alexander, Plano
Anita Allen, McKinney
Anne Allen, Plano
Richard & Lucy Allen, Allen
Rich & Drew Allen, Prosper
Jay & Jenny Allison, Frisco
Carlos & Cindy Amaral, Plano
Jacqueline Amos, McKinney
Rebecca Anderson, Frisco
Josh & Bri Andor, McKinney
Chris & Jill Apple, Plano
Shelley Ard, Plano
Phil & Annette Armstrong, Plano
David & JoAnna Arnold, McKinney
Jud & Kristen Arrington, Allen
Rona Zafari Ata, Allen
Blair Baker, Dallas
Brett Baldwin, Plano
Jeanet Ball, Plano
Len & Connie Bara, Plano
Mike & Keely Barbour, McKinney
Bourdon & Melanie Barfield, Fairview
Doug & Traci Barnes, McKinney
Doug & Jodi Bartek, Frisco
Scott & Donna Bashrum, Frisco
Rob Bass, Frisco
David & Helen Batson, Lucas
Heather Batson, Lucas
Troy & Lynda Batson, McKinney
Jason Baxley, Plano
Stan & Pam Baxter, Frisco
Larry & Cheryl Beck, McKinney
Mike Beck, Plano
Mike & Karen Beeson, Plano
Mrs. William E. Bell, Dallas
Dan & Judy Bellue, Frisco
Erin Bellue, Frisco
Brian & Dee Dee Benjamin, Frisco
Janice Berg, Frisco
Michael & Amy Biavati, Dallas
Randall & Renee Bingham, Frisco
Bob & Deb Blencowe, Princeton
Marion Bond, Frisco
Rick & Shirley Booze, Plano
Jennifer Borchardt, Garland
Bob & Erin Botsford, Garland
James & Freida Boyle, Plano
Brian & AnMarie Bozick, McKinney
Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Bradshaw, Plano
Bob & Flora Brands, Fairview
Paul & Ruby Brands, McKinney
Lt. Col. (Ret.) & Mrs. Paul Brands, McKinney
Kevin & Judy Brannon, Allen
Brad & Leanne Brenneman, Frisco
Dr. Brett & Lynne Bridgeman, Plano
Jim Bright, Plano
David & Mendy Bristol, Prosper
Lee Brock, McKinney
Mike & Teresa Bronsky, Plano
Linda Broom, Allen
Richard & Joann Brown, McKinney
Chad Brubaker, Frisco
D. Forrest & Kay Lynn Brumbaugh, Dallas
Jay & Ellen Bruner, Plano
Mike & Joanie Buster, Prosper
Steve Buttry, Plano
Ken Byler, Allen
Eddie & Paula Caldwell, Plano
Kristina Campbell, Richardson
Bruce Carlin, Frisco
Al & Dorothy Carnes, Plano
Dr. & Mrs. Thornton C. Carpenter, Addison
Bruce W. Carr, McKinney
Lisa Carter, McKinney
Roger & Debbie Casey, Allen
Thomas & Nancy Chalin, Frisco
Suzanne & Gene Chapman, Plano
Tim & Kay Chastain, Allen
William Cherry, Richardson
Kay T. Chitty, Allen
Mike & Kathy Chrasta, Wylie
David & Zodie Christakos, Allen
Charles & Cindy Christian, Richardson
Rudy & Patti Churner, McKinney
Bob & Debby Clark, Frisco
Brad & Lisa Clark, Plano
Mark & Sandra Clark, Frisco
Jenny Clark, McKinney
Chris Clements, Frisco
Darrell & Stephanie Cline, Allen
Jonathon Cline, Allen
Tracey & Larry Cline, Allen
Michael Cline, Allen
Mark & Samantha Cobb, McKinney
Carlos & Minal Codero, Frisco
Q Coleman, Plano
Patrick & Elizabeth Collins, Frisco
Phil & Barbara Collins, Plano
Clint & Marie Cook, Plano
Brad Cooke, Plano
Doug & Denise Cooke, Plano
Brittaney Cordon, Plano
Ric & Celeste Cordon, Plano
Chris & Sara Cowman, Frisco
Chad & Cheryl Crawford, Frisco
John & Jennifer Creech, Allen
Randy & Jennifer Creech, Frisco
Bill & Betty Crenshaw, Allen
Sean & Tara Cross, Murphy
George & Angela Crumley, Allen
Tait & Joy Cruse, Frisco
Tim & Rae Curren, McKinney
Dana Dahlen, Plano
Amy Dankel, McKinney
Roger Dankel, McKinney
Darrell Day, Richardson
Steve Day, Plano
Dr. Brad & Shan Dean, Frisco
Glenn & Mary Dean, Dallas
Dr. Octavio De La Pena, Frisco
John DeMattia, Richardson
Brady Dennis, Frisco
Philip & Diedra Dennis, Allen
Todd & Penna Dexter, Plano
Bill Dierion, Frisco
Mark & Judy Dorsett, Frisco
Dorothy Douglas, Allen
Richard Dover, Frisco
Joe Dowell, McKinney
Mary Ann Dowell, McKinney
Todd & Tina Dreger, Frisco
Kent & Angie Driskill, McKinney
Brice & Diane Drogosch, Allen
Ron Dubner, Plano
Steve & Tammy Duke, Lucas
Ed Dunkle, Plano
Howard Durfee, McKinney
Dillon & Amy Durham, McKinney
Bill & Pam Dyer, Frisco
Linda Easton, Dallas
Dorinda Eaton, Allen
Ray Eckenrode, McKinney
Fred & Emily Edwards, Frisco
Greg & Cynthia Ellington, Plano
Johnson & Beth Ellis, Plano
Bill & Sarabel Epperson, Dallas
Scott & Dana Epperson, Plano
Robert Epstein, Dallas
Steve & Colleen Epstein, Plano
David & Elaine Erinakes, Murphy
Kirk & Tonya Estes, Plano
Gerald & Linda Etheridge, Wylie
Brent Everett, Plano
Jim & Kris Falvo, McKinney
Mike & Cindy Fannin, Frisco
Belinda Fantin, Plano
Jim & Karen Farley, Plano
Sharon Feagin, Fairview
Bill Feath, McKinney
Mike & Laura Fechner, Dallas
Sarah & Chuck Fink, Allen
Jeff & Mary Carl Finkelstein, Plano
Noel & Nancy Fischer, Allen
Joy & Paul Flavil, McKinney
Brian Fletcher, Frisco
Bill & Hope Fobes, Plano
Steve & Jamie Fort, Frisco
Dan & Karren Fortney, Plano
R.D. Foster, McKinney
Trina Foster, McKinney
Rick & Tanya Franklin, McKinney
Chris & Stacey Frantz, Carrollton
Lisa Freeman, Plano
Liesl Friesenhahn, McKinney
Sam & Elaine Fritcher, Plano
George & Maylee Fuller, McKinney
Scott & Windy Gallagher, McKinney
Brian Gallimore, Allen
Kyle & Shawn Gant, Melissa
Dale Gasser, McKinney
Alex Gelb, Plano
Beth Gibson, Plano
Stacy Gibson, Plano
Darrin & Kristin Gile, Frisco
Anthony & Bonny Glenn, McKinney
David & Ana Gomez, Allen
Kathy Letchworth Gonzales, Fairview
Clyde Goodnight, Plano
Monty & Laura Goodwyn, McKinney
Lt. Col & Mrs. Paul Gosnell, Frisco
Karen Gravley, Allen
Mike & Pam Grayson, Plano
Pat Greer, Plano
David & Judy Griffin, Plano
Ken & Tara Griffin, Plano
Dr. & Mrs. Chad Guetersloh, Prosper
Dennis & Ruth Guten, Richardson
Bruce Guthman, Frisco
Darlene Hagen, Plano
Brent Hagenbuch, Dallas
Joni Halpin, Allen
David Hamilton, Frisco
Jeff & Jenny Hamlett, McKinney
Rhonda & Mark Hamlett, Richardson
John & Tracy Hancock, Allen
Jenny Hankinson, Dallas
Sandy Harman, McKinney
Dr. Chris & Melanie Harmon, Frisco
David & Cindy Harper, Dallas
Kelly Harper, Frisco
Dr. Herman & Barbara Harrison, Plano
Brent & Sophia Harvey, Plano
James & Kelly Hayes, McKinney
Fred & Kathy Hebert, McKinney
Kendall Helfenbrein, Richardson
Jim & Dana Herblin, Prosper
Chris & Laura Hill, McKinney
Ron & Jan Hirsch, Plano
Mrs. Christine Hogan, Dallas
John “Doc” Holladay, USMC, Ret., Plano
Randy & Fran Hollingsworth, Plano
Peter & Marla Horn, Frisco
Kevin Housh, McKinney
Adam & Amy Housley, McKinney
Linda Howard, Frisco
Mark & Sandy Huffaker, Sachse
Phillip Huffines, Plano
Ray & Ann Huffines, Plano
Kerry & Pam Huffman, Frisco
Gary & Karen Hughes, Westminster
Cdr. (Ret) & Mrs. Jeff Hunt, Frisco
Cindy Hyltin, Plano
Jennifer Ingram, McKinney
Shawn Ingram, McKinney
Craig & Marilyn James, Celina
Evan Janc, McKinney
Luke Janc McKinney
Mike & Kelli Janc, McKinney
Anna H. Janis, Plano
Ron & Linda Jenkins, McKinney
Joe & Kim Jibrail, Plano
Bob & Barbara Johnson, Plano
Bob & Sheila Johnson, McKinney
Cindy Johnson, McKinney
Lauren Johnson, McKinney
Ron Johnson, McKinney
John Jones, Anna
Bill & Mary Jane Journey, Prosper
Dr. Sheffield & Shanna Kadane, Frisco
Brendan & Kasja Keane, Allen
Denny & Sandy Keelan, Richardson
John & Colleen Keene, Plano
Mike & Keara Keith, Allen
Ron Kelley, Plano
Paxton & Pam Kelso, Frisco
Colin & Susan Kimball, McKinney
Ray & Jackie King, Plano
Mike Kinsey, Allen
Wayne Kirk, Plano
Kris & Wendy Kizer, McKinney
Meredith Knox, Allen
Joan Konkel, Plano
Nicole Krasa, Frisco
Leslie Kreatschman, Frisco
Erik & Shane Krotz, Anna
Chuck Kuykendall, McKinney
Gary & Sue Kuzman, Plano
Bob & Jena Lamse, Plano
David Leopard, Richardson
Henry & Nancy Lessner, Fairview
Jeanice Barton Lewis, McKinney
Judy Lewis, Plano
Keet & Margaret Lewis, Dallas
Rick & Stacy Lewis, McKinney
Lance & Alysia Lindsay, McKinney
Tommy & Darrellene Lindsey, Plano
Jon & Gina Lineberger, Frisco
Cheryl Littrell, Murphy
Esau & Abby Liu, Plano
Mike & Kim Loftus, Allen
Charles Loper, Frisco
Chip & Nicki Loper, Frisco
Mark & Robin Lowe, Plano
Chris & Leslie Luce, Plano
Diana Lund, Allen
Laura Lutek, Allen
Trent Lutek, Allen
Mike & Leigh Anne Maack, Plano
C.G. Maclin, Frisco
Jim & Julie MacManus, McKinney
Nancy Madson, Allen
David & Carolyn Magee, Allen
Jim & Carol Maguire, Plano
Mary P. & Peter Maguire, Fairview
Aaron & Jennifer Manley, Frisco
Rosanne Manner, Plano
Bill & Tamara Mapp, Plano
Bob & Jo Raye Masengill, Plano
Jim & Kimberly Mask, McKinney
Mark & Dianne Massei, McKinney
Carroll Maxwell, McKinney
Sharron Mayer, Allen
Tom & Margie McCabe, Frisco
Alice McCaulley, McKinney
Curt & Beth McClellan, Allen
Steve & Deena McCool, Plano
Walter & Kristi McElheney, Frisco
William McElheney, Frisco
Beth McGuire, McKinney
Mike & Janean McLaughlin, Lucas
Aaron McMahon, McKinney
Mark & Wendy McMillon, Plano
Denise & Tim McNamara, Dallas
Linda McNeff, McKinney
Glendy Valdez-Medcalf & Jack Medcalf, Frisco
Steve Melton, Frisco
Brad Merkle, McKinney
Josephine Merkle, McKinney
Mark Mersman, Plano
Phil & Myra Migicovsky, Dallas
Dr. Ed & Susan Miles, McKinney
Bill & Sheryl Mills, Fairview
Doug Mills, Fairview
Chuck Molyneaux & Cindy Meyer, Parker
Joe Minchillo, Plano
Crystal & Randy Monson, Allen
Geoff & Jill Moore, Allen
Joel & Suzanne Moore, Dallas
Stefani Moreland, McKinney
Kathy Morgan, Frisco
Steve Morgan, M.D., Allen
Steve Morris, McKinney
John & Donna Mow, Frisco
Fritz & Christi Mowery, McKinney
Bernadette Mussell, Fairview
Danny & Elizabeth Muzyka, Plano
Greg & Ann Myer, Plano
John & Patty Myers, Plano
Nathan Nash, Plano
Fred Nasseri, Plano
Robert & Candy Noble, Plano
Lynn Nored, McKinney
David & Amy Norton, Plano
Steve & Kim Norton, McKinney
Mark & Diane Nusbaum, Prosper
Nicholas & Melissa Nuspl, Allen
Kevin & Tricia Olson, Allen
Mike Openshaw, Plano
Bill & Carol Orender, Frisco
Jim & Elaine Orr, Celina
Frank O’Reilly, Fairview
Judy Overall, McKinney
Gary & Cathi Page, Allen
Dan & Tricia Panetti, Plano
Katherine Park, Plano
Jim Parrish, McKinney
Suzanne Parten, Allen
Lee & Kelly Passmore, Frisco
Don & Linda Pate, Allen
Ron & Jennifer Patterson, Frisco
Dr. Carey Patrick, Fairview
Faye Perdew, Fairview
Richard & Toni Perdue, Frisco
Lee & Shawnette Petrey, Sachse
Mike & Dawn Petrik, Fairview
John J. Pfister, Jr., Frisco
Dennis & Kay Pharr, McKinney
Oleta Phillips, Plano
David Pitstick, McKinney
Bill & Carolyn Pittenger, Frisco
Ron & Cindy Pittman, Fairview
Brandon & Jennifer Pogue, McKinney
Judy Pogue, McKinney
John & Lisa Primrose, Allen
Stephanie Pudik, McKinney
Michael & Sue Puhl, McKinney
Randy & Julie Pyle, Plano
Juan & Ashlea Quinonez
Dr. Suresh Radhakrishnan & Uma Suresh, McKinney
Curtis & Tracy Rath, McKinney
Trenton Rath, McKinney
Alex & Tina Rasor, McKinney
John & Gabriele Recker, Murphy
David & Holly Reed, Frisco
Dave & Renee Reese, Allen
Doug Reeves, Plano
Mark & Janis Reid, Plano
Mike & Leslie Renfro, Allen
Justin & Karla Reyes, McKinney
Carolyn Riccomi, Richardson
Wayne & Susan Richard, Plano
J.R. & Keresa Richardson, McKinney
Ty & Sharon Richardson, Frisco
Robert & Lana Richardson, Frisco
Rob & Karen Riding, McKinney
Mrs. Nan Riederer, McKinney
Dustin & Elizabeth Rimes, Celina
Andy & Amie Rittler, McKinney
Rick & Brenda Rizos, Lucas
Doug Roberts, Plano
Mike & Amy Robison, Frisco
Bob & Terri Ann Rogers, Plano
Tom & Mona Roise, McKinney
Mark Rollins, Fort Worth
Dale & Gerry Rose, McKinney
Marie B. Rosenbaum, Plano
Daniel Rudd, Plano
Derek & Amy Rude, McKinney
Cris Rude, McKinney
Kirsten Rude, McKinney
John & Kelley Rutledge, Frisco
Lisa Luby Ryan, Dallas
William Sampson, Frisco
Terry Sanchez Wade, Plano
Vinny & Emily Santanelli, Wylie
Hiram Sasser, McKinney
Karen Schalles, Frisco
Dennis G. & Patsy A. Scharp, Frisco
Ron Schoof, Plano
Chris & Mona Schultz, Plano
Andrew Scriven, Plano
John & Kathy Scriven, Plano
Maria Scriven, Addison
Steve Scriven, Plano
Patrick & Kristina Selakovich, Plano
Ken & Joan Self, Allen
Steve & Vickie Senior, Plano
Kelly & Karen Shackelford, Allen
Steve Shelley, McKinney
Wendy Shelley, McKinney
Tom & Jen Sherman, Plano
Mike & Lola Shoemake, Allen
Dave Siciliano, Dallas
Steve & Azadeh Sickman, Plano
Barbara Singleton, Plano
Beth Shumate, McKinney
Ed & Kimberly Silva, McKinney
Jared & Jennifer Smith, McKinney
Royce & Jeanine Smith, Farmersville
Steve Smith, Plano
Tom Smith, Frisco
JoAnn Snodgrass, Allen
Brian & Cathy Snow, Frisco
Marcia Snyder, Plano
Mark & April Solomon, Frisco
Dr. Rod & Kristi Sosa, Frisco
Ann Sowieja, Plano
Steve & Melissa Spence, Allen
Carla R. Springer, Allen
David & Sandra St. Martin, Frisco
Ron & Alicia Staes, Fairview
Charles & Jane Stephenson, Plano
Mark Stuertz, Dallas
Jeff & Leslie Swan, McKinney
Rajiv Suresh, McKinney
Judy Taylor, McKinney
Rene Taylor, Allen
Robbie & Kelly Taylor, McKinney
Joe & Leanne Thomasson, Frisco
Chris Thompkin, Dallas
Chris & Sheacy Thompson, Frisco
Greg & Pam Thorn, Plano
Tom & Sondra Thorne, Allen
Bill Thrailkill, Plano
Tim & May Tolson, McKinney
Don & Patsy Totusek, Richardson
Daniel & April Townsley, Richardson
Cliff & Ramona Traverse, Plano
Tim & Courtney Trylovich, Plano
James & Angela Tucker, McKinney
Paul & Terri Turner, Allen
Kevin Turner, Frisco
Lisa Turner, Frisco
Juan & Jennifer Velez, Richardson
Cindy Vella, Wylie
Fred & Amy Villa, Plano
Jessica Vittorio, Frisco
Tony & Kim Vitz, McKinney
Jan Vogt, Dallas
Tod & Candace Vogt, Plano
Karl & Kathy Voigtsberger, Richardson
Lawrence Wainer, Dallas
Gregg & Jane Watling, Allen
Vicky Webster, McKinney
Eric Weinkam, Frisco
Rod & Bonnie Wells, Richardson
Jim West, Plano
Betty Westbrook, Allen
Kurt Westenhoefer, Sachse
Phil Wheat, McKinney
Taylor & Shannon White, Frisco
David & Patti Whitehurst, Addison
Paul & Sue Whitesell, Plano
Beverly Whittington, Richardson
Jim Wiederhold, Dallas
Mark & Jennifer Wiggins, Plano
Ben Williams, Richardson
Bob & Carol Williams, Richardson
Jim & Nedra Williams, Frisco
Laura Williams, Frisco
Paul O. Williams, Frisco
Phillip & Mari Williams, Allen
Don & Sue Wills, Dallas
Michael & Karen Willis, Frisco
Fran Wilson, McKinney
Monty & Karen Wilson, Frisco
Janell Wimberly, Plano
Robert & Meredith Winninghan, Allen
Ed Wohead, Allen
Randall Woodman, Allen
Mark Yablon, McKinney
Jay & Kiley Young, Frisco
Eric & Katina Zepp, McKinney

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