Cataracts & Health Tidbits

Cataracts. It’s another 90 minutes before I have to show up for cataract surgery. One eye today and the other next Wednesday. I’m looking forward to getting it done. This is one of those things where thinking about it is probably worse than the event. It’s hell getting old.

Hand Rails. We had a hand rail installed in our shower this week. Linda and I don’t fall very often, but it happens often enough to be concerned. I’m not sure why we didn’t do this a long time ago. I am realizing that it’s more than just a safety thing. Without needing it for breaking a fall, the fact I know it is there reduces the risk of needing it at all. I notice I slightly touch the rail with my arm while showering. Comfort. Confidence. We are in the second class of Baby Boomers, so I highly recommend considering safety aids. Worth every penny. Cheaper than fixing a broken hip!

Hearing Aids. Okay, I’ve put it off long enough. They are a 2016 have-to. I’ve needed them for years. When I am in a group of people or in a loud restaurant like we were last night, I hear only noise. That is why I rarely attend receptions and things with people talking. Even with hearing aids, I will probably still prefer one-on-one conversations. But it’s now a necessity. Well, unless I can go throughout the rest of my life wearing my headphones and listening to Springsteen. Quit dreaming, Lewis.

Heart Stress Test. Way too long since the last one, but I finally went to a new cardiologist yesterday to start the process. But then I had to wait and wait. Most of my docs are not like that any longer. After 45 minutes I got to the first step with the nurse. After the preliminary stuff, including an EKG, the doc was supposed to be next. I asked how long? First it was going to be a short wait. Then after another 45 more minutes I put on my clothes and left. All they had to do at the beginning was to say the doctor is running way behind and give me a choice to wait or reschedule. I won’t be going back.

The Dentist. I don’t dread the dental chair like most people do. Yes, it is mostly due to the nice gas I get when the dental work is serious. However, I am still reeling from the cost of three implants and crowns a few years back. No excuse to take care of business now. But I’ve managed to put it off long enough that I’m sure the next visit will reveal needs that will take care of at least one dentist child’s college education.

Household. I’m up to snuff in this category. In the last 3-4 years we’ve gotten a new roof, gutters, both HVACs replaced and upgraded and a outside lighting system that is both great for security as well as appearance. Coming up: a HD camera security system. After that: a high-end generator that could run the house for days. I’m expecting a future with more than just brownouts. Too many things could put us in the dark. And Linda’s tolerance for being without an air conditioning is somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

Vacations. Our cruise a couple of weeks ago was our ninth. Linda got an infection in her legs by the time we started and basically kept us in the room for the entire trip with a few exceptions. That cruise may be our last – at least for a while. I can’t afford to get her in the middle of the ocean and away from docs and hospitals with her compromised immune system. We are talking about a driving trip to places we’ve never been right here in the USA. I need to see those California redwoods before Restland.

Blog Responses. I’ve got several blogs and responses to blogs in my head. I’m getting up between 4 and 5 am ready to go most mornings. My goal is to get them written and out before my workday starts. The McKinney ISD and Addison blogs generated mostly supportive comments but a few criticisms I will address. Never enough time. Thanks for your interest. LFM.



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